George and Steph have been bringing their own brand of awesome to Chicago since the 1980s (which, coincidentally, is when they were both born). They’ve been bringing this sass to Chicago Untapped since 2014.

About Us

Professionally, George and Steph have a combined background in business, marketing & operations management. What that really means is they spent too many years in school/work and now spend way too much time talking in coffee shops.

They love nerding out on “brilliant ideas” and entrepreneurship, passion and strategy, and they really need to curtail the articles they email each other every day. Chicago Untapped is them living their loves, connecting the dots, and offering up to the masses.

Personally, these crazy kids are kind of super friends. They are beyond passionate about people, the world’s places, and all the connections that lie in between. They believe life is short, and we all should be empowered to make the most of it. Exploring, connecting, experiencing is something we all have the power to do in limitless ways.

Life is what you make of it. They want theirs to mean more, and they want yours to mean more too.


Who is this George character?

Tech aficionado. Addicted to anything gadget or Google related. Of the gregarious variety. Research dominator. Manufacturing operations by trade, awesomeness planner by choice. A Polish vodka snob. (Learning to love beer and whiskey.) Warrior Dash finisher. Paintball fan. Vital skill: calming aura. Travel lover: across Chicagoland or around the globe to next coveted destination. See also: Adventurous spirit. Covets: new experiences and bold life adventures. Wonders about people who don’t have a passport. Some have described him as fun, loyal and intelligent. Supposedly that’s why Steph decided to partner with him in business. Loves: Progress Hates: Closed-Mindedness Cherishes: Today.


Who is this Steph chick?

Unsnobby music snob. Africa twice, Costa Rica once. Zigzags of the US. (Loves traveling, hates flying). Will never turn down French fries. Hits bootcamps and works in marketing by day. Watches Parenthood and sassy comedy by night. Enjoys a good night’s sleep. Yoga or a run. A challenge. Banter and laughter in equal measures. A craft cocktail. Adores: Door County. Cherishes: Her peeps, her alone time, keeping it real. Has been called smart, sassy, loyal, a lady (those people didn’t know her too well). At the end of the day, she cares about the people in her life and the experiences she goes to bed with, and she dreams about how she can bring more of that good stuff to other people’s lives.